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Cutting/Serving Boards | Gourmet Woodenware Inventory

Cheese Slicers

All boards are solid Maple

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  • # CB-1
    # CB-1
    20" x 12" Solid Maple cutting board with juice groove Waterproof and food-safe glue used throughout
  • # CB-2 Serving Board
    # CB-2 Serving Board
    15" x 6" Solid Maple, with a Cherry and Walnut inlay stripe Waterproof and food-safe glue used throughout
  • # CB-3 Cutting/Serving Board
    # CB-3 Cutting/Serving Board
    15" x 6" Solid Maple
  • #CB-4 Curvy Cutting Board
    #CB-4 Curvy Cutting Board
    12" x 9" Maple Cutting Board with Cherry and Walnut stripes and rubber feet
  •  #ST-1  Serving Tray
    #ST-1 Serving Tray
    11" x 17.5" Cheese and Cracker serving tray of Solid Cherry with a Maple cutting board
  • 'Swiss Cheese' Serving Board
    'Swiss Cheese' Serving Board
    Solid Cherry or Mahogany serving board 12" x 9"
    9 1/2 " x 18 " solid Mahogany with an inlay.